Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Just got an update on Xenon. After a half bag of the IV overnight, he's appearing more alert and he is urinating which is good news for the kidneys. He had not thrown up once, another good sign. He still has not felt like eating.
They are going to test his electrolytes and creatine function this afternoon, which will tell us if his kidneys have bounced back. If the numbers show an improvement we will hope for the best. If there is no change, we have a really tough decision to make. We don't want him to suffer, and when it's apparent there is no hope for recover or he starts to go downhill I don't want to prolong the inevitable.
He's a fighter, so we are hoping for the best, but have really braced ourselves for the worst. I don't expect people to understand our love for our cat. He has been with us for 12 1/2 years and way before we had children. He was our child for so long, and to be given this news has been very difficult. Some people don't look at pets the way we do and would never ever spend the money on something like this. I don't care if they don't understand. We are the ones who were blessed with his love for so long.
It's just that 12 years wasn't enough.
[This photo is from 1.13.07]

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