Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Xenon update

Xenon had another check-up on Monday and his creatinine didn't go down any further down. It may not go down any further due to his age. So now he is going on a prescription diet kitty kibble to help the kidneys and as long as he doesn't stop eating we don't have to force feed him anymore.
We were worried about whether or not he was going to eat the new food (there was no way he was going to touch soft food, he hates that stuff) but as soon as we got home and put it out he parked in front of it and dug in. If I could, I would have done cartwheels!
Now we are doing the fluids every other day and may go down even further in the future depending on how his health is doing. He absolutely hates that part, but he'll just have to deal with it since it's for his own good.
We will have to wait to see, but overall, things were promising for now. His doctor thinks we have about two years left with him if all goes well. I'm glad we know that so we can prepare ourselves mentally. If he would have left us all of a sudden I would have been devastated. I'm glad we have a little extra lovin' time so spend with our special guy.

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